Thursday, November 19, 2009

i feel a bit of a bitch today. Though i know it would be morally better to accept the apology, i feel as if i just can't. i'm too angry, and Master's integrity was insulted. She's really quite lucky it wasn't in person she said this, or i would have slapped her, though it might upset Master to hear that.

In more pleasant news, Master and i both had eerily similar dreams today. i want to work towards what we saw in our dreams, as it's something that i've been desiring for a long time. It would be quite wonderful to be able to be fully open with our kinks and our lifestyle and not have people judge us. Unfortunately, i just don't think that society as a whole is ready for that.

Also, it seems as though i've found some projects to undertake for myself. It will be fun to see if i can pull them off.

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