Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So things are a bit more worked out between Master and i. i'm just glad things remain unchanged between the two of us, despite the bad situation that happened last night. A cooling off period will probably be the best thing.

i guess what hurt me so badly about the situation isn't so much how it affected me, but the implications that it had on Master's integrity as Master. He is the one who decides how much and when the affection will come. If he isn't showing as much affection towards me or anyone else, that's because he has his reasons not to and he should be trusted. Or, if it's that necessary, it should be brought up to him, not to a third party.

And that, i think, is the true rub of it all. i trusted Master enough to know that he would show me love and affection when he felt it needed to be shown, but she couldn't handle that. i'm sure she wanted Master all to herself, but the connection between Master and i is soul-deep and that's not something that someone else can take away.

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