Friday, November 20, 2009

Today has been pretty rough. i've been easily overwhelmed by everything and i feel worthless. i know Master wouldn't want to hear that, but i can't really help how i feel in this matter. i think it's also PMDD, partially. It's the right time of the month to be feeling like this, at any rate, though i hate blaming my bad moods on something biological and not taking accountability for my own feelings.

i can tell Master has been trying to make sure i keep my stress reduced today. And i do appreciate it, but at the same time, i don't know if i enjoy feeling like he's... coddling me, i guess. i want him to treat me as normal as possible, especially when i'm like this. It really helps me feel as though right now is any other time. But i know that he does it because he doesn't want me to get even more anxious and stressed. And i appreciate it, even if i don't always agree with it.

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