Monday, June 15, 2009

i can't even think well enough to write lately. i think i need help and it's just not coming from my therapists and group sessions. What's even worse is that Master is so far away and i'm starting to self injure again, really badly. i wish i knew how to stop.

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James the Greatest said...

it doesn't seem like you're seeing a good therapist. I had some shitty ones over the years. I'd suggest you look into finding another one.

I've been self-injuring since I a wee lad -- I just didn't know that's what it was called. my mother used to pull her hair out when she was angry or bash her own head into the wall. I thought that was normal. so as a young kid, I began picking up similar habits.

I think it's important that you find a way to control or decrease it -- not just for you, but for the little one too. many parents don't recognise how much their own problems affect their children. I'm a perfect example, and I don't want Emi to be one too.

I know you said on LJ you didn't really want to talk about it. but know that it's not likely to get any better unless you do.

my cell is three-three-seven three-four-nine three-zero-zero-nine. my email is Queen.of.the.Spades at gmail dotcom. you've got my Twitter, my various blogs and journals. I've been on the self-injuring side of this fence, as well as the child's side. so if you ever wanna talk -- or even just a one-way rant to me --, you know where to find me. <3