Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i swear i had a topic tonight

It just kind of fell out of my head as i washed my face before coming in here to blog. Sucks.

Oh, i remember now. About what others think about me. At my meeting today, i was once again told that i'm far too dependent on my mom. While this may or may not be true, is that truly a bad thing? i really do rely on her a lot, but she also relies on me just as much. Without me being around, her doctors are scared that she will die.

And if she thinks i'm too dependent on my mom, i wonder what she'd think about this whole lifestyle i lead. Probably not too highly of it. But her message to me is always "does it really matter what people think?" So what better way to show understanding of a lesson than by applying it towards the teacher?

Honestly, i don't think i'm too dependent. Sure, i rely on Master and mom to help get me through, but at least i have the support. Right now, i don't feel as if i'm strong enough to stand on my own without them. So that is one thing i will fight against.

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong in needing help once in awhile, its the small baby steps like your part time job your exercise that makes you independent. I know hun because I've been there taking a bus with out a panic attack was my biggest up points because I did it with no one and it gets better but there is nothing wrong in having a support system people are there to encourage and be there what the hell do you think counseling is, a support system without that need they wouldn't even have jobs so if you look at it she's really contradicting herself LoL... Take care of you