Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i've come to a conclusion

i simply cannot trust "professionals" with my mental health care. They don't seem to care one whit about it. When i admit to my self harm, all they do is bring up cutting and shrug it off once i say i don't do it.

So i've decided that i'm going to get a part-time job. Nothing fancy, or that would require a hell of a lot of work, but it would be therapeutic in its own way. i'd be getting out of the house and interacting with the public at large. This is the biggest problem i've had so far. But it would also be really great to work outside of the house for a few hours a week.

Master enjoys the idea of this, because he knows how much more it would help me. Of course, if he had his way, i wouldn't have to work, but things just aren't able to work out like that at this time. i really do think it will help in the long run. And then maybe, once i'm more settled down and working on my issues in an alternative way, i could at least find other alternatives to the self harm.

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May said...

Therapy and counseling never really helped me much either.

What really changed my life was processing all the negative emotions and messages I was putting on myself or accepting from others. This took years and months, but I'm finally at a point where if I want to cut, I know it's just because I like cutting, not because I'm so upset that it's the only thing I can think of to keep me sane.

I think we have much more healing power for ourselves than we give ourselves credit for.

My other life-changing habit: loving myself. I only recently realized how deeply and truly I was hating myself. Now I pour love and affection over myself and I am so much happier with life, with others and in my relationships.

I hope you find your way through the problems that are bothering you.