Monday, June 1, 2009


A post in a community on Livejournal got me thinking about names and what is in one. How a name can so perfectly label something that it just IS, no further explanation needed. That's how i feel about the name "Lilikka." It perfectly describes me; the sounds of the syllables, the images it brings up in my head, the way it tastes in my mouth.

It took me quite a while to find my true name. The name my parents gave me at birth certainly wasn't it. It never felt quite right, especially when there were so many other girls with the same name. As i grew older, friends gave me various nicknames, each sticking for a while, but also never truly feeling right.

Until the day i created my own model naming language. i use it to name various characters in writings that i do, to give them a more exotic flare without being an actual name. And that's how "Lilikka" was born. It conjures images of fire and justice; the name itself means "weilding fire for justice's sake" in my model language. But the name so perfectly fits who and what i am; as Master's pet, as a succubus, and as a woman.

i know i've been lax about replying to comments and i promise that will be done first thing in the morning!


James the Greatest said...

I, too, understand the importance of names. in many mythos, giving away one's Name is equivalent to giving away the right to one's Soul, one's possession of Self.

and Names really are more than just words. sure, even were a rose to be called something else, it would have the same qualities in-and-of-itself. however, the other flowers may perceive it differently; and thus, it may perceive itself differently.

I had written a bunch more, but I think it would better serve as a DreamWidth entry. ^_^'

Magaly Guerrero said...

Names definitely hold meaning a power over a person. For instance, in Witchcraft, names are of utmost importance and the Witch is urge not to share it with anyone.