Sunday, May 31, 2009

Perhaps that will be the end of that

Finished Fable today. Sure, there's a lot of end-game stuff to do, but i think i'll move on for a while. i'm tired of all the villagers hating me :'(

Anyway, Master and i sat down for a movie tonight, which we haven't done in forever. We watched A Haunting in Connecticut. Pretty freaky stuff, honestly. Gets me to thinking about the paranormal and the supernatural and my natural drawing towards them. Besides the whole trans-specied feelings i have, i love the thought that humans aren't the only sentient beings on this planet. There are far too many unexplained phenomena and i don't necessarily buy into the God theory.

Been trying to read The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, but i just can't get into it. The main character has to kill a town full of succubi and it's really kind of distressing to me. Not all demons are bad. Certainly not as bad as they're always portrayed in novels, movies and on TV. At least, that's my own belief. Like people, there are varying degrees of good and bad. It's difficult to judge someone based only on a few facts of their life, after all.

Either way, i'm hoping to finish the book and then possibly sell it to someone else or even just donate it to the library. Hopefully someone will get more enjoyment out of it than me.

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Magaly Guerrero said...

I refuse to believe the world is as limited as some want to believe, and to believe otherwise is to lack imagination. I also agree that all demons can't be bad. I'm sure they are okay with those who don't make their existence hell.

P.S. Sorry the book sucked so bad :(