Friday, May 29, 2009


Another day devoid of any real thoughts. It's starting to become a bad habit of mine. But i do still find the time to serve Master in all aspects that he requires and requests of me, so that's good. Things have kind of fallen into a lull in my life lately, though.

Though Master did bring up an interesting point after tonight's viewing of Supernatural. He was commenting on how one of the angels is selfish because he's willing to screw Dean over to have Dean still hunt demons. When i argued the point that, as an angel, he's not selfish, he's just trying to follow his God's will, Master says that because God is selfish and angels serve God, they are selfish by proxy.

i'm not quite sure if i really like that kind of thinking, though. i do serve Master, willingly and wholly, but we aren't the same being, even though many of our thought processes are similar. But that doesn't make us the same person, even by proxy. i am, and always will be, Lilikka and Master is Master. As similar as we can be, we will never be anything more or less than two sides of a beautiful partnership between us. And that, i believe, is the way we should all be.

Bleh, Master has a way of striking right to the heart of my problems. Just when i start to complain about not having any real thoughts, he causes me to think.

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