Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy times ahead

It's pretty much official that mom will be having surgery in a few weeks. It's two out-patient procedures, one on a Friday and then the next on the following Monday. So while these aren't really that terribly big, if the test run is successful, she's going to be going through another major back surgery. Which means more that i have to do for her, but for my mom, i don't mind.

What scares me is that if i become so busy, i won't put in as much time as i'd like into my self-improvements. i've been doing pretty well lately, i feel. Tomorrow's another day in group, my first back since that breakdown. i'm feeling up to it, though. And reading As A Man Thinketh as really been helping.

i just have problems when things get too busy in my life; i tend to not know what to do with myself. i panic and spaz out, even when Master tries to calm me down. But i think if i can stay focused on what i must do, then it will reduce my anxiety a ton. It's already been down a lot, and i haven't even had to increase my dosage of my medication, which i thought i was going to have to do a few weeks back. But thinking myself into a calmer state is surprisingly helpful.

As for the immediate plans, i'm hoping to do a bit of blog re-organization this weekend while Master is attending the convention. At the very least, it'll help me keep busy.

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