Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tasks To Keep Me Busy

Master leaves tomorrow, probably before i get back from my appointment. He'll be gone until Sunday evening. Luckily, he's set quite a few tasks for me to perform this weekend while he's gone to keep me busy. Most of them a pretty time consuming, which is a good thing. Actively performing tasks for Master helps me keep my mind off of how much i'm going to miss him.

i don't do well away from Master for long periods of time. i'm working on it, but it's a difficult journey. He's had me write some runes on my arms to make sure i keep safe in his absence, which will help, i think. All i have to do is look at them to know that he's protecting me.

Also, it's incredibly difficult to blog when Master keeps singing about how he wants to fill my mouth with his cum. Mmm.


Mistress L said...

I really like the rune idea on your arm. It's sweet.

Also I giggled at your last line. It often amuses me to think what is going on when us bloggers sit down to write. =)

I'll be around this weekend on Xbox if you have time in between or after your task!

Lilikka said...

Thanks so much for your invitation!

And Master is often quite frisky when i write. i think it's one of his turn-ons xD