Saturday, May 2, 2009

Moving forward

i have to admit that, even when i feel i'm slipping backwards, i am still pushing ahead. When i started this blog, the few comments i got were always met with anxiety on my part. i have terrible social phobia and speaking with others that i don't really know was so nerve wracking, it was amazing i was able to reply at all.

But i realize tonight that i've been able to reply to the comments left without feeling scared. This is a huge step for me. Instead of wanting to run away and ignore the comments, i look forward to replying. And i really do always try to reply to every comment.

So thank you, commentors, for helping me further down my path by allowing me to strengthen myself. My next goal is to be able to leave comments on others' blogs without feeling as if i'm a moron.


Mistress L said...

Yay! And you're nowhere near a moron! You're very insightful and full of interesting thoughts =)

Lilikka said...

Well thank you!