Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's so hot here

100F outside earlier. It's already 8pm and still 95F right now. Talk about crazy. This is a night where i will be wearing as little to bed as possible. Of course, i do that anyway.

But i tend to get really bitchy when it's hot outside. For being a demon, i sure can't stand the heat very well. i've been trying not to snap at people, but it's difficult. It also makes me very lethargic. i actually slept in today! Not sure how Master feels about that one, but he didn't complain.

Speaking of lethargy, i might go lay down.


Mistress L said...

Don't feel bad, the heat does the same to me and I'm from Hawaii...I should be use to it by now haha. But a least you had a lazy day, those are always good =)

Lilikka said...

Ooh definitely <3 i do appreciate the days of relaxation Master gives me.