Thursday, May 7, 2009


A friend recently wrote about how she feels she needs "Systems" in her life to help keep her life organized. And i realized i'm much the same way, though i refer to them as "Rituals." They're very sacred to me once i develop one. Unfortunately, i know that many of the Rituals i've employed in the past to keep my life at a constant have been thrown to the side while i've been going through this great mental upheaval of late.

Blogging daily is one of my Rituals, though, and it's something i take pride in. i may not always write well, but Master enjoys all my entries and, though i missed one day, i made it up by double posting the next. This is something that helps bring me closer to my true self, which is another thing i've been dealing with as of late.

Master doesn't want me to develop Rituals that are too rigid and disallow for change, but other than those guidelines, he doesn't see a problem with me coming up with ways for me to feel connected. In the end, i feel it will further my submission to him and it gives me a good feeling that Master trusts in me enough to let me develop these on my own without him directly telling me what to do.

The problem is keeping up with these Rituals. In the smallest signs of stress, i tend to forget how far i've come and just drop it all and go back to the old me. But i really don't want that. i'm almost certain this time that with that much motivation, i'll be able to truly hang on this time.


Mistress L said...

I like this idea. I have my slave follow rituals per se. It helps if you make a list of them so that you can visually see which ones you are doing.

Lilikka said...

That's what i plan on doing this weekend with some of my free time Master allots :)

James the Greatest said...

I was referenced. I feel special. <3

in other news, I cna't help but wonder how many -- if any -- of your rituals are at all "sexual"? I don't really know much about the r'ship between you and your Master, so I don't know how much is sexual and how much goes beyond that. I think that's where my inquiry on the Rituals in said matter derives.

Lilikka said...

Most of my rituals aren't sexual in nature at all. We live our lives as 24/7 as we can get, and i'm required as more than just a sensual being, but also as a domestic being, so some of my rituals include the cleansing of the house and such.