Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i'm fully believing in the concept that humans can have powers that science can't explain. Speaking for myself, i have the powers of Empathy. While anyone can have empathy, i have a level of Empathy not seen in most people; i can completely absorb others emotions, even when i have no real reason to feel that way, and i can push my own feelings onto others. Unfortunately, it's a dangerous thing for me because i'm so untrained.

For my part, i've never met anyone as powerful an Empath as i seem to be. Master has a touch of it, but he generally has to have a physical contact with someone to use his powers, where i can push it out just being in the general vicinity of someone.

It's an interesting thought, though, that people can have such unexplainable powers. i'm not much of a believer in a higher power, such as a god. Instead, i believe in people. We are ever evolving creatures, but sometimes our evolutions also end up breeding out things that we once had. i believe that more and more humans had supernatural powers, but as science progressed, we needed them less and less.

i know this is a bit of a departure from what i typically talk about, but this is all a part of my journey, as finding myself in my servitude to Master includes finding out about parts of me that i used to ignore wholly.

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