Monday, September 21, 2009

Art through pain

i've been thinking about this today. Is true art only achievable through knowing true pain? It seems as if all the great artists, be they musicians, painters, sculptors, etc. all have a history of trauma and they use their art as a way of coping.

That is, honestly, one thing i haven't ever really tried for myself. i've often wanted to, but i'm afraid that if the "art" doesn't come out perfectly, it's not going to be effective. This is, i feel, a ridiculous attitude for me to have. After all, the only purpose is to work through my trauma, not to necessarily produce a masterpiece.

i guess i just want so badly to be something great after being treated poorly for so long.


May said...

For me, art has always come easier out of joy than out of pain. On the other hand, art is an amazing way to deal with pain. I started drawing seriously as a kind of art therapy for myself, but now that I'm happy and joyful about it, I create such amazing things I never thought possible before!

So, basically, the artist having to suffer for his art thing is total bs, IMO, and I'm friends with lots of creative types who would probably tell you the same thing.

Lilikka said...

I agree, your art is certainly wonderful!

But really, i want art therapy to work for me, but i also feel as if i'm forcing it :(