Friday, September 25, 2009


i broke down in group today and sobbed about how depressed i am over having PTSD and how i feel like it's a death sentence. If i was going to break down anywhere, though, i'm glad it was there. Not only was everyone extremely supportive, but most even gave me help with how i can help myself.

The big thing is forgiveness, one of the women said. Not that i should forgive the people who hurt me for their sake, but rather for my own. If i can come to peace with what happened, then they would no longer have power over me.

But that's the part where i'm stuck at. How do i forgive those who have, i feel, really turned my life upside down? But i suppose if she can do it, and her parents stabbed and shot at her, i can forgive my father, ex-husband and aunt for the things they've done to me.

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