Saturday, September 12, 2009


Master and i finally watched the season premier of Supernatural. There's something about this show that brings the two of us closer. It could be the supernatural elements, which is a lure to the both of us, being an incubus and succubus. But i'd like to think it's also partly because of the lure of it being something bigger than its creators. It's something very similar to what we'd like to accomplish with our newest project.

i've been pretty tight lipped about it, but Master and i are working towards a multimedia project together. We want to bring some of our world view out and share it with the public. i'm not going to get too into the details at this moment, but it's something i'm very excited about. It's given me a great focus and a purpose to keep me going.


Tera S said...


Hoping everything works out great Honey!!!



Lilikka said...

Thanks! Still having problems getting onto your blog. Master can from the IP at his parent's house, but ours doesn't seem to agree with it. Will have to call our ISP to sort it all out.