Saturday, September 26, 2009

i am tired of being her doormat. As much as i love my mother, i don't think she understands just how rude she can be to me. i take every courtesy to make sure that i don't disturb her when she has her private time, but when the roles are reversed, she never considers me at all. And i've just had it tonight. Not only has she jawed at me all day about her problems, she wonders why i don't say anything about mine.

It's because, the one time i tried to open up yesterday and started crying, she turned around and made it all about her. Maybe i'm the selfish one, wanting someone to just listen to me about my problems, but i was tired of hearing about how pissed off she was at something that happened two weeks ago.

But, being the pushover that i am, i won't say anything and i will continue to take this. It's just the way i am.

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Nezumi said...

Sadly things are the same for me there. I hate it. I always end up keeping my problems to myself, and the people I can tell can't ever help in any way. Everyone else just always has to show you how their life is just so much harder. :(