Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boys' Night Out

Master went out with his friends again tonight. i think it's great that they can do something every week on average. Makes me feel like that i'm a part of his life, but not an interference within it.

But it gets me thinking about people who live near by that i consider friends. i don't really have too many of those. None, really. Most people around me tend to only want me to use me (and take that how you will, as i'm sure you won't be wrong). Even this new girl i've been talking to after meetings. She wants me to help her with her MP3 player, because she doesn't understand how to get songs onto it. And the week before that, she needed my help with setting up an email address for herself.

And it's not that i mind helping, but it'd be nice if there were some way that i could have the favor returned. But i know that will never happen.

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