Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It never occurs to me just how alike Master and i are until we really sit down and talk for long hours. We are on the same wavelengths many times, often able to finish each other's sentences. It's almost like we're twins, but born to different parents, though i prefer to think of it as us being true mates.

Long before we were lovers, we were best friends. And even then, we had similar views of the world, but we were also both hiding secrets from the world and each other, because we were afraid it would turn the other away. It turns out that our secrets were the same and that it only ended up bringing us closer together than ever.


May said...

This is the same for my slave and I. He is my soul twin and it never ceases to amaze me how perfectly we fit together. Like puzzle pieces! :)

Lilikka said...

:) Yes, exactly! And it's so wonderful that we were able to find ours. I really like that phrase, too.