Monday, October 5, 2009

Introducing Meditation Monday

In an effort to concentrate this blog further on my service for Master, i am going to be starting a continual feature: Meditation Monday. Every week, i'll be answering the same questions, as a way of concentrating and reminding myself of my place as Master's pet. i am hoping that this will help shape my servitude as well as the focus of this blog.

Today, i have served Master by performing and finishing my tasks. Even though there aren't many tasks Master asks of me, i always try my best to see them through to their ending.

Tomorrow, i can further serve Master by performing and finishing my tasks in a more efficient manner. i allowed far too many things distract me today and, although Master isn't displeased because the tasks were still finished, i could better serve him by being more efficient.

The one thing that can help with my servitude is more reminders that i am Master's first and foremost. While i never truly forget, i sometimes allow myself to agree to do things for others or i allow my attention to be given to others when Master is needing it.

my goal in serving Master is to make his life even just a bit easier with my service to him and to be the best pet that i can possibly be for him.

Through my service, i hope to learn to better myself as well as be the best pet to Master that i can possibly be. He is a deserving Master and he has helped me in many cases to better myself already, but i would certainlylike to continue the journey of betterment.

A moment in my life that lead to my servitude was when Master first commanded me to do something, even before we were Master and pet. There was something so authoritative to his choice of words and it made me realize just how much i wanted to submit and serve this man.

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