Friday, October 23, 2009

So i do, indeed have an ear infection. It's been difficult trying to complete tasks while i've been sick, but i got them done. Of course, it helps that Master hasn't pushed me hard yet. But i'm sure that will change a bit when he comes out here and we work on things together. We've never really worked through what's truly expected of each other in our dynamic. i know that's a bit silly to not have done until now, but everything has been at a distance. Now that we're getting closer to being physically together all the time, it's time to really sit down and hash things out.

i'm not going to lie; i'm a bit nervous about it all. i worry that i'm going to let Master down. i know i've said this far too many times, but it's a big fear for me. i really don't want him to feel let down by me. But i'm sure all this will be worked out before too long.

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