Friday, October 2, 2009

Master will be here in 27 days. i know i often give the impression that we're together full-time, but it's just not like that yet, unfortunately. It's just easier to ignore the distance if i don't address it as much. But his plane ticket was purchased this morning and he'll be here for Halloween, which is our holiday. So much so, that we've decided that, whenever it is that we do get married, that's the day we're getting married on.

i suppose it's because of our other natures that we feel so close to that side of things. We both embrace our demonic sides, though not necessarily in truly evil ways. i'd say we're more mischievous and sinful than truly evil. We enjoy corrupting others with lust, but not so much that it would ever hurt anyone and it's never malicious.

my brain feels so scrambled tonight.


Nezumi said...

Halloween has to be the number one holiday, I don't know why I just love it and always will. Just the nature of the holiday I guess. Hope that you'll have a good Halloween :D

Lilikka said...

I'm sure we will! It's going to be wonderful!