Sunday, October 18, 2009

There are many times when i'm very insecure. Today was one of those. An old friend has been talking with an ex-friend of mine and i'm just very nervous as to one might say to the other about me. i truly don't want to lose another friend over all this, but Master said something that makes sense. That friend is a good person and, if he's as close to me as i thought we were, there's nothing that someone else can say to him that would change his opinion about me.

i'm not sure why i get so hung up on things. i guess it's because people tend to think of me as kind of a slut and, those who don't, are the only real friends i have. i might like sex, but i'm certainly no slut, despite the way i might talk at times. i'm just very secure in my sexuality. But it would kill me for him to think of me as a slut, because that's just not what i am.

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