Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is love a part of your dynamic? Can love coexist in a Master/slave relationship?

Love is most definitely a part of the dynamic between Master and i. i don't think i could ever truly serve a Master or Mistress that i didn't love, even if only love as a Master/Mistress. Without that, i think, there isn't much of a relationship. But then again, i believe all relationships are based on varying degrees of love, even if it's the opposite of love, as in the case of enemies.

i'm a difficult demon to tame, honestly, and i've never found anyone that i could really serve besides Master. Sure, i used to, and in many ways still do, drop what i'm doing to help others, but this is less about service and more about my own desires. i like to help and i'm happy to do so. But i help others because it makes me feel good. i serve Master because that is my role.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful ode to love.
Leaving me in deep thoughts about my own...thank you.

Lilikka said...

Thank you for your kind words!