Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thank you everyone for all the positive comments to my last post! It's truly amazing how well received that was, considering how nervous i was of posting! But the love stayed with me all day. Even when things seemed pretty stressful, i was able to keep moving because i realized how awesome i am (and gorgeous to boot ;D)

Of course, sometimes i think that all the compliments will give me a big ego. It's part of the reason why i always seemed to tear myself down; i wanted to give the appearance of being modest. And, i suppose, in a lot of ways, i AM modest. i downplay my skills a lot, but mostly because i don't think that, outside of service to Master, i have that many skills. And even then, i think my service is always in need of improvements.

But, again, i really want to thank you all for the love <3

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