Sunday, October 4, 2009

Other than Master, i don't think people truly understand how i see the world. Whenever it is that i share my visions of it with someone else (and this is a rare occurrence), i'm always met with disappointment. People just don't understand and they try to tell me that the way i see things is wrong or misguided. Is it so wrong to have a different viewpoint than others? And is it too much to ask to at least have someone accept that i see things that way?

In fact, i can't even get most people to tolerate it, which is why i never bother bringing up anything to anyone. In one way or another, i'm always shot down and it feels like not only is this person rejecting my ideas, but they're rejecting me as well. That's kind of a kick in the ass.

But, in all this, at least Master understands and, even if he doesn't agree 100% with everything, he accepts that those are my feelings and doesn't try to force his own changes upon me. He will, however, influence me, especially in more positive directions if i happen to be being quite negative about myself. But he still accepts my feelings for what they are: mine.

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