Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sometime soon, Master and i are going out to dinner together. He's requested that i wear my collar (of course!) as well as a semi-revealing dress. i'm very excited, because this will be our first time out in public as Master and pet! Not that we've never been out on dates or to dinner before, just that it was always pretty... casual? That's not quite the word i'd like to use, but i can't think of a better one at the moment.

But, as i said, i'm very excited about this. i can just imagine the kinds of looks i'll be getting and i wonder if Master will order for me and take charge, or if it will be my responsibility to make sure he's taken care of. i suppose that's something that we'll need to talk about! We've never really had a discussion regarding proper public protocol, seeing as we've never done anything in public!

i'm so giddy over this, though. Unfortunately, i can't discuss this with too many friends, because i don't have a lot that will understand the lifestyle.

i wonder if Master will humiliate me in public. i can almost feel the flush across my cheeks now! Aah! So exciting!

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