Friday, October 9, 2009

i don't know where i'd be without Master's constant support. i only hope that i provide to him as much as he always seems to provide to me.

Today we found out that my mother has a bad heart. From what it appears, she's got four blocked arteries, which is strange because she's never had a problem with her cholesterol, but she does have high blood pressure. There's a 5% chance that they could be wrong, but more likely than not, she's going to need an angioplasty. And, if that doesn't work, she'll need a bypass.

i'm still unsure how i feel about all of this. It's just so new and overwhelming that i can't feel it yet. But it's coming, i know it is. And when it does, i'm going to be so scared. Hopefully all that will wait for the next 20 days, so i will physically be in Master's presence and it will make it seem less terrible.


Nezumi said...

I hope everything goes alright for her. I've never had anyone I know go through any major surgery, but it's going to be a hard time.

I'm glad that you have someone to constantly support you, it's probably a nice feeling to have.

Lilikka said...

Thanks. Unfortunately for my mom, she's had 78 previous surgeries, so it's kind of "old hat" for us. But thank you so much.