Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today has been one of the better days in recent memory. Master arrived at about 11 and we got back to the house for lunch. He informed me that formal training will begin tomorrow, so we were able to relax in each other's company. And relax we did.

Honestly, waiting a year for sex, while not an enjoyable year, made sex the first time in a year the most memorable. It was like everything was new all over again, though i still retained all the experience i've gleaned over the years. The way he felt inside of me again felt as if everything was exactly as it should be. As ridiculous as it is to admit, i teared up when he entered me.

But i am excited that tomorrow is the start of my training. It's one thing that i've been waiting for. But i trust Master to get me there at the time he feels is best.


Anonymous said...

Believe me it is even possible to wait 24 months ... without getting too much damage...a wonderful weekend for you all.

Anonymous said...

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