Saturday, October 10, 2009

We've decided to push the imp's bedtime back, so Master and i actually will be having less time alone in the evenings. In one way, it's kind of terrible, because i really enjoy my time with Master, so much so that i'd be willing to put up with the imp being up all night playing because i put her to bed. But that wouldn't be fair to any of us, really.

Being a mother is almost as demanding as being Master's pet. Not that Master truly makes that many demands of me, but motherhood comes far more naturally to me in a lot of ways. But it's easier for me to guide and see our daughter grow than it is to see myself grow, if that makes any sense at all. By serving Master, i, myself, am growing as a person, but it's strange not being the one guiding it, instead giving all that over to Master. But, i suppose, that's all part of why i'm Master's pet.


Anonymous said...

Being a father on my own of a 2 year old child this sounded all to familiar to read. A wonderful new week to you.

Lilikka said...

And to you! Children are amazing at times :)