Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anger Issues

This is the first thing i'd like to work on with Master, now that i'm back into a more submissive mind-set. Today, my anger got the best of me. And although Master feels that my regret was punishment enough, i wish there was something more i could do to make it up and really learn from it all.

i do have coping mechanisms in place for when i feel my anger rising. It's when it comes on suddenly, without warning, that i don't know what to do. When i'm in a crazed state, i can't think calmly and rationally enough to use my coping skills.

The good news about all of this is that, despite feeling like a terrible person for letting my anger get the best of me again, i do still feel like i'm a good person deep down. The self-esteem that would normally be shattered by something like this isn't this time. And it just amazes me to no end. i really hope that i can continue on this path and continue to be the best pet i can for Master, and the best me i can be for myself.

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