Friday, July 17, 2009

From Submissive Journal Prompts

Our Dominants teach us so much about ourselves. What is something you’ve taught your Dominant?

i'm really not sure what i've taught Master, truthfully. To me, he's always been the epitome of wisdom and intelligence. Not to say that he isn't fallible; Master makes mistakes, just as anyone else does. But he always strives to learn what he can from those mistakes and moves on quickly.

i would like to think that i've taught him a bit more about himself, simply by virtue that we're so much alike, and maybe he can see another side of himself by looking through my eyes. As i'm growing and becoming my fully wonderful succubus self, i think Master is coming more in touch with his own incubus side. And it's a wonderful chance for the two of us to continue to grow and evolve together.

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