Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mom's doing alright. She's certainly not dead, which is a very good thing. She can move her left arm, but not her hand, and the left side of her face is less droopy. Unfortunately, she's still unable to move her left leg. Hopefully, it'll be alright by tomorrow. She's quick to recover. But, if not, the hospital isn't too far away and we could always visit her.

Master has been beyond kind throughout all this. i blamed myself for much of it; mom and i had been fighting a lot these past few days, and she's had strokes twice before, so all the agitation was starting to get to her. But Master helped me through the day without me feeling too badly about myself.

But really, i don't know how to feel for all this. i mean, i could have lost my mom today and i really was more upset that it was my fault than i was for losing her. Somewhere in my mind, i just think she's going to be around forever. Of course, that's not reality and i have to face up to it, but it's difficult.

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