Friday, July 24, 2009

Tracking my moods

i've decided to start tracking my moods. i think it will help in the long run. It ought to help me be able to see how i can get off track and how i should be able to put myself all back together again, in an emotional sense.

Take this week, for example. The start of it was pretty rocky, due to getting things back to normal after mom's stroke. But tonight, i'm feeling on top of the world. Not only are things normal again, but Master and i have had a lot of fun time together lately.

So we'll see how all that goes as time goes on. Hopefully, it will only be something positive.

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James the Greatest said...

if you'd like, I can email you the excel spreadsheet I've made for myself. it allows me to track mood, energy, hours of exercise, how much I drink, how much I sleep, if I take meds, etc. and you can customise it your own way, or let me know how you'd like it done.

email me at Queen.of.the.Spades (Gmail) if you'd like.