Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is why i trust no one

It doesn't matter how close to someone i think i am, i can never trust anyone. Ever. Well, except Master. He's never done anything to stab me in the back. And i know he never will. That's the trust we have between us. But i can't trust anyone else.

What generally happens is that something i say in confidence or because i trust that person to never use it against me inevitably gets told to everyone, or is used against me to make me some kind of pariah. And really, it makes me wonder why i ever stop lying at all. Why do i tell people any kind of truth about me?

i guess because it's lonely always being in a web of lies, keeping everyone at a safe distance. But, for the time, i think it's probably worth it. At least until the day when the back stabbing just stops hurting so much.

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