Thursday, July 23, 2009


i truly feel sorry for people with no passion in life. For too long, i lived like that, unable to find anything to truly spark any kind of real interest within me. i followed along with other peoples' passions: music, fashion, art, etc. And, while i enjoy all of those things, they don't quite make me feel as good as when i'm in service to Master.

i am passionate about service. Even when Master doesn't require it, i get to fulfill my passion by helping my daughter and my mother. And, although i end up helping them more than Master most times, i really don't mind it in the long run.

Of course, sex is another passion of mine. i'm good at it. i enjoy it a lot. Everything about it. The feeling, the smell, the sounds (especially the sounds). It's all so exciting to me. i would actually like to start blogging more about it, but part of me is timid. Which is funny to me, because of how open i am with my sex life, for the most part.

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James the Greatest said...

this is where I am. no "passion", or Reason, as I call it.

used to be writing. but I've nigh given up on it....

(sry if dbl-posted. Blogger hates me today.)