Saturday, July 11, 2009


i've started developing an ego. i think this is a healthy thing. It means that i'm starting to move past my poor self-esteem stage and into something better. i attribute a lot of that to Master, as he's constantly showing me just how good of a person i can be. But i also have to put the blame on myself, as well, since without being able to see how good of a person i am, i could never believe it in the first place.

The only thing i worry about is a runaway ego, now that i've started finding mine. Just today, i was going to start a conversation up with someone online, when they logged off right after i sent the message. And the only thing i thought was "oh well, that person missed out on the best conversation of their life, because they won't be able to talk to me."

Does this sound too egotistical? Or is this a natural thing to think? i'm not sure, as i've never really had this much self-esteem in my life.

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