Monday, July 20, 2009

The lies we tell

i was reading in a community earlier about what to do if a Dom/me discovers that their sub has lied to them. And i thought and thought about it, but really, i don't know what an appropriate response would be. Do you just break off the relationship over a lie? Or is it the Dom's responsibility to correct the misbehavior of the sub?

i would really hope that, if i ever did lie to Master, he would help to correct the behavior instead of wanting to separate. Not that he's someone i'd ever lie to. While i might be a deceiver and manipulative towards certain people, Master is not anyone i would ever use those kinds of things against. i respect him too much to do that to.

Though, there are times that i wish i didn't treat people in that manner at all, regardless of how much or how little respect i might have for them. However, i think i use it as a safety net, so i don't get so hurt by people as i have in the past by being far too trusting. As of right now, i feel the only person in this world i can trust wholly is Master.


James the Greatest said...

I think if one member lies -- be it the Dom or sub --, corrective action should be taken. because a relationship involving lies is partially built on them. and those kinds of relationships don't work. (I know from experience.)

Lilikka said...

That's how i feel as well, honestly. i would hate for a relationship to, say, fall apart over a simple "white" lie. Though it's completely understandable if it happens over something far more serious (e.g. "i cheated on you, but lied about it")