Sunday, July 19, 2009

i beat Lost Odyssey tonight and it got me to thinking about the concepts of eternity and always being with your one. It seems like such a wondrous thing, but perhaps that's only because life is so finite. If we didn't have to fear that our lives would come to an end, we wouldn't embrace every day for everything it's worth. And if you're not embracing it, then maybe you're not really living.

i know for certain i wasn't until i met Master. Sure, i was with my ex when i met him, but there are things that even mortals can't comprehend, and i truly believe that Master and i were meant to be. Which is why it happened the way it did. If it weren't meant to be, Master and i would just never have entered into each other's lives. And although it may not last forever, i hope that it does, for i will always cherish my time with him.

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