Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Lately, life seems to feel a bit in a slump. Perhaps it's just the laziness of summer that's hitting; it tends to happen to me pretty much every summer as far back as i can remember. There's something about the heat that makes me completely lethargic. But that's why i tend to set bigger goals for myself during the summer, so i at least have something to work towards.

Unfortunately, one of my two goals seems to have fallen by the wayside. There just isn't too much motivation to work on it. It's been kind of a secret project that no one outside of Master really knows much about it, so it's hard to gauge how public reaction to it will be. And, when it comes to my own endeavors, Master is pretty laid back when it comes to pushing me forward. Not that i mind; there are things that i do have to do for myself.

So perhaps, starting tomorrow, i'll pull myself away from my gaming goal and work on my creating goal. It's already kind of started, but i need to pull things in a bit more, create a bit more of a story surrounding the whole project.

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