Thursday, August 20, 2009

Disconnected again

Master and i have kind of been doing our own thing for days now. It's not that we haven't spoken; we have, but it's always been brief. We've both just been preoccupied with our own interests that we forgot about connecting with each other. So we made an effort to reconnect tonight.

It started with a viewing of District 9. It was a great movie and the two of us were able to just enjoy the film in each other's company. We sent each other messages throughout the movie, pointing out our favorite parts, just like what we'd do if we were watching a movie at home together.

Then we talked about our ideas we have for a game we'd like to someday develop. That's really the best part of our relationship, i think; the ability to work together so seamlessly and share our ideas so the both of us can work on our parts to implement them and make them a reality. And, as usual when the two of us work on a project, i'm very excited about all of this. And i'm even in the mood to write again! This is so wonderful.

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