Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i'm not as innocent as you think i am

Really, i get tired of people who think they know me thinking that i'm an innocent person. Honestly, if i weren't in a solid relationship with Master, i would sleep around. As long as protection is used, i don't see a problem with it, honestly. But i'm not about to screw up what i have with Master just because of a momentary fling. Which is what anything would be for me.

But i was talking with mom earlier and she was telling me how everyone in the family thinks i'm just this "goody-two-shoes" (god how i hate that term). i don't know why they have that image of me. It's not that i never do anything bad, i'm just good enough to never get caught. That's the trick to it. But i suppose that's why they have that image of me; they just don't realize what i'm capable of. Which can be a very good thing.

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