Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i feel like my PMDD is starting up again. It's about that time, and i'm more aware of it, so i guess that makes sense. But really, i'm finding myself being overly sensitive to the things people say and do and it just makes me feel like i'm going to cry.

Even earlier today, i felt like just hiding in my room and crying. And it seemed to come out of nowhere, too. One moment, i was hanging out with friends and the next, i had to excuse myself before i started having a major panic attack.

i do not like this at all. i'm really very scared of what's going to happen when it gets closer and closer to the time when i'm most likely to explode. i really need to work on a schedule for myself tomorrow, so i can manage my moods better. Good thing that's the topic of tomorrow's meeting. i will bring all this up then and see what everyone else can suggest for it all.

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