Monday, August 24, 2009


i love to write, but i haven't been doing much of it lately. i often wonder if i should take the same approach to it as i do to the tasks Master sets for me. i ought to set aside time for it or at least not allow myself other pleasures until a certain goal is reached.

i've also restarted my review blog in a hope to keep my writing fresh. i'm not sure if it'll help in the long run, but at least it's part way towards my goal of practicing my writing. Eventually, though, i think i would love to write a biography of my mother. If there is anyone in this world that deserves one, it's her. Though mostly, i'm afraid it would read too much like a fiction, with all the craziness that's gone on in her life.

But Master is very encouraging towards my writing endeavors. He's constantly a source of inspiration and motivation.

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