Sunday, August 2, 2009


i often think of my identity as Master's pet. i'm not exactly a submissive and not exactly a slave, either, but rather something between the two. i don't need Master's permission for everything, but for most things, i am required to ask before i do things.

i'm also not a pet in the traditional term, either. Or that's how i see it, at least. i think of it as one might in a setting such as World of Warcraft. When a Warlock summons a succubus, she is his to command. i look at Master as such. He has earned the right to command me. i'm not an easy person to truly dominate, despite what others in my past might have thought. But Master has managed to do so in every sense of the word.

Had he not, i don't think i could even serve him in this capacity, stunted as it may be right now. Of course, i'm not fully tamed, and i don't think i ever truly will be, but Master is certainly the only being in this, or any, existence that i feel could truly tame me and call me his. And it's great because we're a good contrast with each other. My feminine, succubus side softens his masculine, incubus side, which has the opposite effect on me in return. It's truly an amazing relationship the two of us have that goes beyond the physical and the mental.


Tera S said...


Thoughtful and so very true....


Lilikka said...

Thank you :) *hugs*