Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i think i may make some friends after all

Went to group meeting today and, surprisingly, i really feel like i fit in. i actually shared a part of me with the group and, in nearly an instant, i felt as if i could get along with the other women. Even before that, one of the girls there was wonderful enough to share her cheese with me. It was a touching gesture, especially since i had always thought she was a bit standoffish with me.

It was really amazing. i had never realized that, just by opening up a bit, i could not only welcome others into my life, but they'd be willing to let me into theirs. Of course, this make sense and i'm not sure why i never realized it before. But really, i'm glad i shared and i'm glad i'm on this road to continue to share with others. i do have to be careful who i share with and what i share, but this is really a great strategy for me for the future.


May said...

Hooray! I'm so glad for you! Feeling connected to others is so comforting.

Lilikka said...

:) It really is! And now i feel like i'm really ready to take on the world!