Monday, August 31, 2009

Other paths

i often wonder what it would have been like had i taken other paths in my life. i once asked a boy out in high school. it was the first, and last, time i ever did anything like that. It didn't end terribly, but it didn't end how i would have liked it. Instead of being turned down flat out, he had explained that now just wasn't the right time for the two of us. And nothing ever came between us other than a friendship that has since been lost by time and distance.

But what would have become of me had he accepted my affection and returned it? Would i have ever met Master? Truly, that would have been a travesty, i think. But i would never have known, so how bad could it be? It's a strange thing to think about. Though i am really quite happy with how life has turned out for me. It's not ideal, no, but the good outweighs the bad and that's really all that anyone can ask for, right?

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