Saturday, August 22, 2009

The power of being positive

i had a dream this morning. My negative aspects were telling me how all i need in this world is myself and that i need to stop opening up to so many people. That i can take care of myself. Then, in the same dream, i was suddenly all the positive things i've become and i was being hunted and chased down. It felt as if my own mind were trying to get rid of me. But i made a promise to myself that i was going to stay this positive as long as i can.

And, you know, it's brought me some greatly awesome things today. Not only did I rank 4th out of 25,000 people in a round of 1 vs 100 tonight, but i also won a copy of Guitar Hero 5! i didn't think i could accomplish either of those things, but i tried it and i did. It's truly amazing what being so positive can do for ones life.

It's strange in a way, though. i consider myself pretty demonic for the most part. i like the rush i get when i manipulate people. i lie a lot, and i do it well. Of course, these are things i'd never do to people i even moderately care about. But for being so positive, i sure do a lot of negative things at times. Then it gets me to thinking about karma. But perhaps i've got so much positive karma stored for doing so many nice things for those i care about that the few times i indulge in the negative, it doesn't affect it very much. Who knows how the bigger parts of the universe work?

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